Design + Utility

Felted wool boots for indoor use, paired with all-weather, rubber overshoes for the outdoors.

Form + Function

Pop the overshoes on when you leave the house, trek through whatever elements await you out there, take them off when you come back indoors.  Never having to remove those wool boots - hello cozy house slippers. While the overshoes may harken back to your dad’s galoshes, the modern European design is anything but.

The Magic of Wool

Big wool fans over here. Wool is temperature regulating, so LANKIs are always warm, never hot and can be worn through all seasons. Wool also has natural healing properties, easing swelling and increasing circulation.

Every Pair Is Handmade

LANKIs are handmade in Nepal, using traditional felting techniques, adding only soap and water to the wool. Felting is an art, not a science, so there are slight variations in every pair made.